With the help of a well-written resume, you can go far in your career. This document is your way of introducing your professional self to employers, designed to give them a first impression. If you want to make yourself stand out among the competition, you must write the best resume you possibly can. Are you unsure of just how to do this? Then you can look at our HVAC resume sample to get an idea of what your resume should look like and what information it should contain. Samples are helpful when it comes to writing because they work as guides for you to follow during the process.

After you have studied the sample we have provided, you can take a look at the accompanying tips to ensure you have created a readable, concise, and properly formatted resume. With the right amount of effort and the help of this guide, you can create a document that is sure to wow hiring managers and possibly help you move to the next step of the hiring process.


HVAC Resume Sample

James Green
Augusta, ME 11111 • [email protected] • 555-974-1425


Seasoned HVAC technician with eight years of experience in the field. Expertise in installing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems; reading blueprints; working with electrical wiring; and testing systems and machines. Exceptional technical, mechanical, and customer service skills.


  • Equipment installation
  • Solid customer service skills
  • Blueprint reading
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • EPA certified
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Safety and code compliance

Work Experience

HVAC Technician, September 2015 – Present
City Heating and Air Conditioning, Augusta, ME

  • Read, interpret, and follow blueprints and diagrams to ensure proper installation of HVAC systems
  • Install evaporators, motors, compressors, piping, and ducts in addition to mechanical and electrical components
  • Provide customer service to clients and answer questions regarding projects, maintaining a 100% quality rating in service surveys to date
  • Troubleshoot HVAC system problems using the proper testing tools and perform needed repairs in a quick and thorough manner
  • Inspect HVAC systems to check for problems and inform customers of the status of their systems

HVAC Technician, July 2010 – September 2015
Summit HVAC, Portland, ME

  • Assessed customer needs and identified problems, and repaired and installed the appropriate parts and components
  • Maintained professional relationships with customers and provided them with information to inform them of project status
  • Installed efficient and updated HVAC systems that saved customers an average of 20% on their heating and cooling costs
  • Insulated pipes with the appropriate coverings and secured them with wire
  • Incorporated new HVAC systems into existing duct work carefully while maintaining the integrity of existing components

HVAC Assistant, March 2009 – July 2010
Alpine Heating and Cooling, Augusta, ME

  • Answered customer calls and questions and scheduled appointments for repairs, installations, and maintenance
  • Assisted technicians with electrical wiring installation and testing, ensuring safety and attention to detail with each test
  • Ordered new equipment and parts as needed by the company for various projects
  • Used design specifications and blueprints to help repair and install HVAC systems
  • Provided assistance with 50 different HVAC installation projects of varying complexities during time with the company


HVAC Certificate, 2008
Northeast Technical Institute, Scarborough, ME

EPA Certification, 2008

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Is This a Good HVAC Resume? Let’s Check

Does the HVAC resume sample show the jobseeker has the proper education and training to work in the field?

Yes! In the education section, the candidate lists he has completed an HVAC certificate program, which typically makes someone eligible to secure an HVAC technician position. However, education requirements for HVAC jobs can vary depending on the specific duties involved. Some complete apprenticeships, while others complete on-the-job-training. The jobseeker additionally lists an EPA certification, which can be extremely helpful for securing a job.

Check out the work experience section. Does the writer include measurable accomplishments in addition to responsibilities?

Certainly. As you can see, the jobseeker included a list under each job title. In each list, there are both responsibilities and accomplishments with metrics. For example, he included he maintained a 100% quality rating among customers. This is key when writing a resume. Employers like to see achievements, and especially specific ones. This shows them you are an employee who tends to go above and beyond.

Does the HVAC resume sample include necessary and desirable skills for the trade?

It does. This jobseeker has shown he has outstanding qualifications and that he has what it takes to excel in an HVAC position. For instance, he mentions he knows how to install equipment, make mechanical repairs, and read blueprints. He additionally lists customer service and technical skills and attention to detail. His work experience section provides solid examples of his skills, which is excellent. Employers want to see how you put your skills to work.

Look at the summary section of the HVAC resume sample. Does this section effectively do its job in summarizing this jobseeker’s relevant HVAC qualifications?

Absolutely. This summary section is an outstanding example for an HVAC professional to follow. First, the candidate mentions how many years of experience he has in the field. Next, he adds a sentence that summarizes his areas of expertise, so employers can see right off the bat where he excels. He then mentions a few skills that are helpful in the position. Three concise sentences will do, as you don’t want to state your entire resume here. The goal is to create an enticing overview to encourage employers to read more.

Does the HVAC resume sample show the jobseeker knows the ins and outs of the trade at a glance?

It sure does! This resume is concise and to the point, yet it contains a lot of valuable information. From a clear summary and organized skills list to a work experience section that provides solid examples and a simple education section, this resume has outstanding formatting.

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The Most Important HVAC Resume Sample Takeaways

As mentioned earlier, having a strong resume can get you far in the job searching process. To ensure your resume properly showcases your qualifications and skills, follow the guide and practices outlined above. Make sure your document is succinct and readable, and that it includes measurable accomplishments when possible. As shown on the HVAC resume sample, include previous employers, job titles, and employment dates. If you need more help with resume writing, check out our resume builder.