Installation and Maintenance Resume Samples

Do you need a new job and have an outdated resume? ResumeBuilder provides industry-specific installation and maintenance resume samples and writing tips.

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Jobseekers want to have a resume that impresses employers, but they often do not know where to start. If you are in this position, then use the installation and maintenance resume samples and writing tips to format your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Customize your resume to fit the needs of each open position, and use the bullet point samples to get an idea of what information you should provide to employers.

Hiring managers are more likely to interview candidates with the right professional experience and an error-free resume. An excellent resume also opens doors for more networking opportunities. Use the resume samples on this page as a guide to craft a comprehensive document with your qualifications and experience!

Installation and Maintenance Resume

1. Custodian Resume Sample

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Cleaning Management Consultants

August 2014 – Present

  • Clean at least 20 rooms a day in office buildings in the city and suburbs
  • Maintain safety by following all company procedures
  • Sweep and vacuum floor areas
  • Maintain paperwork detailing completed tasks
  • Restock lavatories and bathrooms with toiletries
  • Clean windows and surfaces in each room
  • Communicate with management about any necessary maintenance tasks

2. HVAC Resume Sample

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HVAC Technician
Windows and Air Inc.

December 2016 – Present

  • Install new air conditioning and heating units for residential and commercial buildings
  • Discuss heating, cooling, and ventilation options with customers
  • Perform maintenance services for heating and cooling systems such as air filters, wires, and other parts
  • Visit over 50 sites a month to repair and install units
  • Order the right parts and units for each HVAC project
  • Maintain knowledge of wiring and parts for several heating, ventilation, and cooling products

3. Maintenance Mechanic Resume Sample

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Maintenance Mechanic
Logical Properties

January 2013 – Present

  • Repair fixtures in residential and commercial buildings based on product and space requirements
  • Perform high-quality and friendly service, and maintain an 80% high satisfaction rating
  • Replace any pipes, wiring, drains, and electrical components for sinks, ovens, toilets, washing machines, and dryers.
  • Respond to requests to fix switches, light bulbs, and other parts
  • Check levels of coolants and fluids for homes and buildings
  • Maintain an inventory of supplies and coordinate orders for new parts with administrative and supervisory staff
  • Implemented a new safety system that decreased accidents by 10%

4. Maintenance Supervisor Resume Sample

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Maintenance Supervisor
Pearson and Jacobson Cleaning

October 2011 – Present

  • Supervise all maintenance staff and maintain scheduling across multiple companies
  • Rolled out a new scheduling system that increased on-time arrivals of maintenance workers by 25%
  • Maintain a running record of repair requests and analyze the data to adjust to customer needs
  • Train maintenance staff to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations
  • Generated reference sheets for maintenance mechanics that outlined equipment by serial numbers
  • Inspect and spot-check repairs to ensure product and safety quality control

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