Everyone needs a good mechanic, and everyone hiring mechanics is looking for the best. To strut your stuff, you have to get invited for a first interview, and your resume is your best shot at that. Whether you’re fresh out of your vocational school and new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, employers and hiring managers alike need a preview of your abilities and expertise before committing their precious time to learning if you’re the right fit.

How do you stand out amongst the competition? With a well-written and easy-to-read resume that properly showcases your aptitude for the job without getting winded and wordy. An easy way to start is to follow a mechanic resume sample, like the one below, to give you an idea of how to organize and sell yourself specifically to the higher ups in your industry. Check out our sample and the subsequent tips to help you get started today.


Mechanic Resume

Taylor Case
Arvada, CO 11111 • [email protected] • 555-123-4555


Seasoned mechanic with over 7 years’ experience in automotive repair and 10 years in the automotive care industry altogether. Focused technician providing detailed analysis, maintenance, and repair for all car parts and functions. Exceptional customer service representative, handling extra tasks around the shop with professionalism and efficiency.


  • Driveability specialist technician
  • Brake, front-end, and transmission specialist technician
  • Computer-aided manufacturing software
  • Blue Streak Electronics Buell Diagnostic software
  • AutoZone ALLDATA system software
  • Thorough diagnostics and troubleshooting

Work Experience

Automotive Technician, February 2010– Present
Arvada Auto Tech & Diagnostic Center, Arvada, CO
  • Diagnose all common malfunctions and damage in under 10 minutes and more complex issues in under 30 minutes, saving the company time and customers
  • Accelerate work procedures with improved planning system, increasing productivity by about 20%
  • Spearheaded new promotional offers, increasing the shop’s customer base by 15%
  • Train newer mechanics regularly on the job and customer service attendants as needed
  • Perform replacements and service to engine cooling, electrical systems, air conditioning, heating, and brakes.
  • Test and adjust to ensure systems meet manufacturers’ specifications
  • Schedule and perform routine repairs and maintenance in 30 minutes or fewer
  • Consult with customer service attendants on concerns and recommendations to present to the customer, and advise customers personally if necessary
Parts Salesperson, September 2007 – January 2010
AutoZone, Denver, CO
  • Sold promotions and specialized products with over 60% success rate, increasing stores overall sales by about 30%
  • Educated and Recommended merchandise based on the customer’s needs
  • Assisted customers in diagnostics for check engine lights, battery tests and installation, and head and tail light replacements
  • Demonstrated proper installation of merchandise and how merchandise functions, as needed
  • Advocated for customers, offering assistance, information, and calling various suppliers on the customer’s behalf


Associate’s degree in automotive service technology, 2009
Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, CO

Automobile Mechanic Apprenticeship, completed 2007
City and County of Denver, CO

Other Certifications

  • ASE certified in automatic transmission/transaxle, brakes engine performance, and engine repair-2008
  • ASE certified in electrical/electronic systems, heating and air-conditioning, and suspension and steering-2009
  • ASE certified in manual drive train and axles-2010

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the mechanic resume sample demonstrate the applicant’s knowledge of which experience and skills are important?

Notice how even the jobseeker’s experience as an auto parts salesperson focuses on the technical side of that position. Since customer service is important to both positions, and is an asset, there is no reason to leave it out. Because she is applying for a job as a mechanic, however, it benefits her to mention how she approached the job as very hands-on.

Is the jobseeker focusing on only those skills important to the desired position?

As an automotive technician, as with any type of mechanic, there are going to be certain skills employers expect you to have that are not necessary to list. For example, it is probably assumed that if you have experience and/or training for the field, then you should know how to handle certain tools. Additionally, for automotive maintenance positions, it is probably expected you know how to perform an oil change, among other jobs. In our mechanic resume sample, basic skills like those are not mentioned, but assumed by our jobseeker’s status as a “specialist” technician.

Is the jobseeker properly illustrating what impacts she had in her previous positions?

Note how the jobseeker uses metrics to demonstrate her success and how it benefitted companies she worked for. The increments of time display her efficiency, and she even mentions how specifically the company profited from that with “saving the company time and customers.”

Does the applicant in our mechanic resume sample show her potential to benefit the automotive business she is applying for?

By showing her positive impact at her previous companies, she does exactly that, but notice how she takes it a step further, explaining how she is able to jump into other roles seamlessly. She alludes to it more subtly in her summary statement, but also mentions assisting in customer service in her new role. She also explains how she went above and beyond to get customers what they needed in her previous job. Both are examples of demonstrating potential, rather than simply stating she’s a good prospect.

Upon review of the education section, does our jobseeker accurately represent her knowledge of the job at hand?

While a degree is not usually required for most mechanic positions, some type of vocational school and/or certifications typically are. Notice how our jobseeker in the mechanic resume sample not only mentions her skill-specific education, but includes other relevant information, such as her apprenticeship and certifications that are sure to make her an asset to any automotive repair business.

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The Most Important Mechanic Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume is the key to getting an interview, so do not take the responsibility lightly. Make sure to research the company to know what it looks for, and try to see your resume from the position of hiring managers. Display how your experience would benefit the company you’re applying for by using definitive examples and quantifying your achievements. Utilize our mechanic resume sample to help get the ball rolling, and try out our resume builder to make the process even easier.