As a school counselor, you know how to guide students to help them find success in their academic careers. What do you do, however, when you need assistance in finding success in your own professional career? How do you enter a new job hunt with confidence instead of stress and confusion?

The answer is simple: Turn to our many school counseling resume templates and additional writing tips. They can help you write and organize a resume that demonstrates your ability to perform the duties of a new job efficiently. Use these tools to increase your likelihood of securing interviews and job offers.


Free Education And Training Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

Browse templates and job-specific examples of professional education and training resumes.


Do not downplay your prior experience with weak explanations. Instead, make a strong statement by constructing a work experience section similar to the one in this relevant resume sample. Using action verbs, language from the job listing, and the examples set before you in our school counseling resume templates, construct strong work experience bullet points that look similar to these descriptions:

• Meet with students to discuss academic progress as well as education and career goals and plans
• Assist students with scheduling, course selection, and study plans to help them succeed in academic endeavors
• Collaborate with teachers, other school staff, and parents or guardians to find solutions to individual students' behavioral problems
• Provide support and grief counseling in response to crisis situations that affect individuals or entire student body
• Design and implement educational programs related to the prevention of drug and alcohol use and bullying

Our school counseling resume templates can show you what to include and exclude in your resume so it presents your candidacy for an open position in the best way possible. Do you want to increase your chances of standing out from other applicants even more? Follow these few simple steps:

1. Personalize Your School Counseling Resume: Do not give hiring managers a generic resume. Use language that reflects the culture of the specific school to which you apply. Include in your text keywords and phrases from the job posting.
2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement: Often the first section employers review, your summary statement needs to make a powerful first impression. Write about three sentences detailing your top proficiencies, personality traits, special achievements, and experience.
3. Use Specific Examples and Experience: Enhance your document by providing detailed examples of how you used your skill sets to handle prior responsibilities and achieve success. Quantify these examples with numbers, percentages, and other metrics.