As a school librarian, you know how to help students find the materials and resources they need to excel academically. Do you, however, know how to help yourself find a new job and excel professionally? To land a new role, you need to have an outstanding resume that communicates your talent for performing librarian duties quickly and skillfully.

Instead of blundering your way through the tricky process of writing a resume, find guidance in our professional writing tips. Then, review our collection of real-world school librarian resume templates to find stellar examples that can show you what to include and exclude in your text.


Free Library Resume Templates for Industry Professionals

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Employers look at your work experience section to see if you are a good fit for an open position, so it is important to know what to include in this section. With the help of our extraordinary school librarian resume templates, you can craft descriptions, similar to the ones below, that utilize relevant terminology and impressive action words.

• Check in, check out, sort through, and shelve books and other library materials on a daily basis
• Help students use library databases and equipment to find needed materials and conduct research projects
• Find, order, receive, and process new acquisitions to ensure the school library maintains a full collection
• Plan, set up, and run library exhibits, informative courses, and other programs for the student body
• Use advancements in technology to update old or implement new cataloging systems, databases, records, and research resources

Do you want your resume to look as sharp and convincing as this sample? Allow our school librarian resume templates to show you how to craft and position each section of your document. Then, follow the three steps below to help ensure your text makes a striking first impression on employers.

1. Personalize Your School Librarian Resume:

Tailor your content so it stresses the specific skill sets, duties, and areas of expertise that are most critical to the specific school librarian role to which you are applying.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Position this section at the top of your document and write it in first person, but be sure to exclude pronouns. Then, identify a couple of hard and soft skills, important achievements, and other top qualifications.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

To stand out as an ideal candidate, draw on specific past experiences. Write detailed examples that show how you helped students and maintained comprehensive and orderly libraries in previous jobs.