Writing a great resume may require some planning. Professionals seeking strategy and planning roles should focus on presenting their qualifications and describing the extent of their experience, skills, work history, and educational credentials in a complete and structured document.

We provide writing pointers customized for positions in this field. You can also draw inspiration for formatting and content from a variety of strategy and planning resume templates. Our collection includes real-world resumes that make it easy to see what other applicants include in their resumes. These examples can help you make sure that you come across as a capable candidate.


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Employers reading resumes for a strategy and planning position want to see how your experience satisfies the requirements. Make a positive impression by describing your skills with the same keywords and phrases that appear in the job description. Use action words to emphasize your abilities and show you are the right candidate for the role. Look over the experience sections in our strategy and planning resume templates.

• Analyze current market strategies to determine the best external and internal approaches to increase profitability
• Prepare reports describing and recommending paths of action for all levels of management and employees
• Gather and process business intelligence from industry reports, public information, opinion polling, and similar resources
• Manage the flow of business intelligence, analysis, and relevant conclusions to senior management and directors
• Communicate with managers, external suppliers, and professional organizations to stay aware of changing industry trends

You can improve the quality of your resume by making a few minor adjustments. Customize your professional summary, skills section, and experience section for each position. Enhancing the early sections of this document can encourage employers to keep reading. Refer to our strategy and planning resume templates for further guidance.

1. Personalize Your Strategy and Planning Resume:

Use keywords from a job description throughout your resume. Responding to the requirements set by an employer can help you come across as the best candidate for an open position.

2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement:

Employers skim each resume for a few seconds. A strong summary statement can communicate the extent of your experience, any specializations, and major credentials near the top of your document.

3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences:

One of the best ways to make a strategy and planning resume stand out is to specifically describe your achievements. Indicate the impact of your work by including metrics or statistics.